Topographic Surveys

Discover the contours of your land with a Topographic Survey services, providing detailed elevation and feature mapping for informed planning.

  • Land Elevation
  • Site Planning
  • Detailed Terrain Mapping

What is a Topographic Survey

A Topographic Survey, also known as a “topo”, is a critical tool in understanding the natural and manmade features of a piece of land. It provides a detailed view of the terrain, including elevation changes, contours, and existing features on or near the surface such as trees, buildings, streets, walkways, and utilities.

This type of survey is essential for architects, engineers, and planners to design and develop land projects effectively. It helps in identifying suitable building sites, planning drainage systems, and landscaping, and in conducting environmental impact assessments.

Conducted by our skilled surveyors, we will use a combination of robotic total station and GPS to collect data. LandTech will creat a  topographic survey accurately representing the land’s surface. This survey is invaluable in preventing unforeseen issues during construction and in ensuring projects are built in harmony with the natural landscape. 

Field Survey

Who Uses a Topographic Survey

Topographic Surveys are used by a diverse range of professionals involved in land development and environmental management. Architects and builders rely on these surveys to design structures that are in tune with the existing landscape.

Civil engineers use them to plan infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and utilities, ensuring they fit seamlessly with the land’s topography.

Environmental consultants utilize topographic surveys to assess potential impacts of proposed developments on the environment.

Municipalities and government agencies require these surveys for urban planning and resource management. Land developers use them to strategize the best use of a land parcel, maximizing its potential while adhering to zoning laws and environmental guidelines.

How Our Process Works

Mapping Your Terrain with Precision and Expertise

At LandTech Surveying, our Topographic Survey services blend technical precision with environmental insight, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your land’s topography for optimal planning and development.

Step 1:

Submit Your Surveying Request

Share your project details and objectives with us. Our team will evaluate your needs and prepare for a detailed topographic survey assessment.


Step 2:

Receive a Quote
and Schedule

We offer a clear and fair quote, and we’ll arrange the survey at a time that suits your project timeline, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Step 3:

Experience Satisfying Surveying

Our experienced surveyors conduct the Topographic Survey with the latest technology, delivering accurate and detailed data that forms the foundation for your project planning and execution.

LandTech came to the rescue for me and my family, they were able to fit us in on a really tight schedule and got it all done on a tight time line. Thank you Landtech.

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