SUBDIVISION PLATTING is legally recorded document which divides a large parcel of land into 5 or more lots.  The creation of the subdivision must meet local municipality and county guidelines.  Therefore, there is usually a lengthy review process to make sure these guidelines are met.  The surveyor is involved throughout the entire process of the land division starting with the initial boundary survey.  Then a Preliminary Plat is created which establishes lot layouts, street and intersection design, and utility layouts.   It will also be used to approve waivers from the subdivision regulations of the local municipality and/or county.  The use of a preliminary plat can identify potential problems early in the development process, which can save the developer time and money in the future.  Once the preliminary plat is approved, the design of roadways, grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, watermain, and street plans are designed and created.  Along with the creation of the construction plans, the Final Plat for the subdivision is prepared, and then recorded with the county in which the parcel resides.  Following that process, the surveyor will then stakeout the roads, ditches, ponds, lot corners, etc., according to the construction plans to make sure the development is constructed correctly.