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What is Subdivision Platting

Subdivision Platting is the process of dividing a tract of land into lots, blocks, streets, and public areas in preparation for development and sale.  This service is essential for developers and landowners looking to create new residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, or industrial parks.

A subdivision plat is a detailed map that reflects the divisions of 5 or more parcels of land and includes critical information such as lot sizes, utility easements, roadways, and environmental considerations.

The surveyor is involved throughout the entire process of the land division starting with the initial boundary survey. Then a Preliminary Plat is created which establishes lot layouts, street and intersection design, and utility layouts.  It will also be used to approve waivers from the subdivision regulations of the local municipality and/or county. The use of a preliminary plat can identify potential problems early in the development process, which can save the developer time and money in the future. Once the preliminary plat is approved, the design of roadways, grading, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, watermain, and street plans are designed and created. Along with the creation of the construction plans, the Final Plat for the subdivision is prepared, and then recorded with the county in which the parcel resides. Following that process, the surveyor will then stakeout the roads, ditches, ponds, lot corners, etc., according to the construction plans to make sure the development is constructed correctly.

A well-designed subdivision plat not only facilitates a smooth development process but also contributes to the creation of well-organized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing living and working spaces.

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Who Uses Subdivision Platting

Subdivision Platting is a critical step for real estate developers as they convert raw land into developed properties ready for construction and subsequent sale.

City and regional planners also use subdivision plats to guide public policy and infrastructure development, ensuring that the growth of new communities aligns with broader urban planning goals. Engineers and architects depend on these plats to design road systems, utilities, and buildings that fit within the designated lots and spaces.

Furthermore, legal professionals and government officials rely on subdivision plats to ensure compliance with land use regulations and to facilitate the legal transfer of subdivided lots. Financial institutions may require subdivision plats to understand the scope of a development project before providing financing.

Homebuyers and businesses also reference subdivision plats to make informed decisions about purchasing property within the subdivision.

How Our Process Works

Pioneering Land Development with Subdivision Platting

LandTech Surveying’s Subdivision Platting services offer you a strategic partnership to turn your vision of land development into a well-planned reality, ensuring every lot and road aligns with your project’s goals and regulatory requirements.

Step 1:

Submit Your Surveying Request

Start your development journey by providing us with your land parcel details. Our team will assess the scope for precise platting and coordinating a team of professionals to bring concept to reality.


Step 2:

Receive a Quote
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We’ll supply a comprehensive quote and set a timeline that respects your project milestones and the importance of detailed planning.

Step 3:

Experience Satisfying Surveying

Rely on our surveyors to perform thorough surveying and platting, to create a subdivision plat that facilitates successful development and future sales.

LandTech came to the rescue for me and my family, they were able to fit us in on a really tight schedule and got it all done on a tight time line. Thank you Landtech.

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