Expert Surveying Services

LandTech Surveying offers a comprehensive range of professional land surveying and planning services. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver accurate and reliable results to meet your project needs.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

Precision in Property Mapping for Real Estate Excellence

This survey provides detailed mapping of property lines and identifies any easements or encroachments. LandTech can help with accurate and comprehensive surveys necessary for real estate transactions.

Field Survey
Field Survey

Boundary Survey

Defining Your Property Lines with Accuracy and Clarity

 Essential for defining property lines, this service is vital for resolving disputes or for planning constructions. LandTech ensures precise measurement and clear delineation of property boundaries.

Certified Survey Map (CSM)

Certified Mapping for Land Division and Development

This service involves creating a certified map for land division or property development. LandTech can assist in ensuring compliance with local regulations and accurate representation of land parcels.

Field Survey

Matt and John did a great job and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their services.

James Opgenorth

Field Survey

Condo Plat

Expert Condominium Platting for Legal and Development Needs

Specialized in creating plats for condominium developments, this service is crucial for legal and development processes. LandTech provides detailed and compliant condominium plats.

Construction Staking

Guiding Construction with Precision Staking Services

This service marks out precise locations for infrastructure or buildings on a construction site. LandTech aids in ensuring accuracy and efficiency in construction projects.

Field Survey
Field Survey

Drone Services

Elevating Surveying Capabilities with Advanced Drone Technology

Utilizing drones for aerial surveying, LandTech can provide comprehensive views and data for various projects.

LandTech are truly the best in the business. True professionals and they leave no stone unturned, I would never use anyone for my projects but LandTech. They are timely and very responsive, they will address any issue on hand with open arms. They will always treat you as family. I am very pleased with them and I wish that I could give more than a FIVE star rating as they are deserving of much more. Anyone that uses LandTech will be as pleased as I am. An awesome and well run operation.


Main Masri

Environmental Survey

Comprehensive Environmental Assessments for Sustainable Development

Focusing on identifying environmental features and constraints on a property, this survey is key for responsible land development. LandTech can assist with detailed environmental assessments.

Field Survey
Field Survey

FEMA Elevation Certificate

Navigating Flood Risks with FEMA Elevation Certificates

Essential for flood insurance and risk management, this certificate is provided by LandTech for properties in flood-prone areas.

New Construction Surveys

Detailed Mapping Services for Your New Home

This service maps out a specific plot for a new house, detailing its boundaries and features. LandTech can provide accurate and detailed plats for new home construction.

Field Survey

Used Landtech to perform a survey of our commercial property. There were issues with the old survey. They went above and beyond to get all the correct information they could and clear up all the issues. Would definitely use again for future projects.

Andrew Bastian

Field Survey

Plat of Survey

Comprehensive Property Mapping for Informed Decision Making

Similar to the boundary survey, this provides a detailed map of a property, including its improvements and features. LandTech’s expertise ensures precision and clarity.

Subdivision Platting

Transforming Landscapes with Strategic Subdivision Platting

This involves dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller lots for development or sale. LandTech can help navigate the complex process of subdivision platting.

Field Survey
Field Survey

Topographic Survey

Mapping the Contours of Your Land for Better Planning

This survey maps the elevation and features of the land, vital for planning and construction purposes. LandTech provides detailed topographic surveys to assist in various land development projects.

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