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What is a Plat of Survey

A Plat of Survey is an essential tool in real estate that provides a detailed map of a land parcel showing its boundaries, dimensions, and the location of any structures, easements, encroachments, and other physical features on the property.

It is a vital document used to ascertain and verify land size, layout, and any potential issues that might affect the property’s use or value.

Created by professional land surveyors, a Plat of Survey is often required for real estate transactions, property disputes, and when applying for building permits.

The accuracy of a Plat of Survey is paramount, as it forms the legal basis for defining property lines and settling disputes. It helps property owners understand their property’s exact parameters, aids architects and engineers in designing additions or improvements, and provides potential buyers with confidence in the property’s characteristics.

The creation of a Plat of Survey involves careful fieldwork and data analysis to ensure that all details are recorded precisely and comply with local standards and regulations.

Field Survey

Who Uses a Plat of Survey

Plats of Survey are utilized by a wide range of stakeholders.

Property owners need them when selling or buying real estate, settling boundary disputes, or making property improvements. Real estate agents and attorneys rely on these documents to ensure transparent and smooth property transactions.

Builders and developers refer to Plats of Survey when planning new constructions or alterations to ensure their work adheres to legal property boundaries.

Municipalities and zoning boards also require Plats of Survey for land development and issuing permits to ensure compliance with local ordinances. Moreover, financial institutions may request these surveys for property loans and mortgages to validate the property’s legal description.

Essentially, anyone with a vested interest in the accurate representation of property dimensions and features for legal, planning, or development purposes will need a Plat of Survey.

How Our Process Works

Detailing Your Property with Expert Survey Mapping

At LandTech Surveying, precision is our promise. Our Plat of Survey services are tailored to provide you with a detailed and accurate representation of your property, essential for any transaction or development project.

Step 1:

Submit Your Surveying Request

Initiate your request by providing your property’s address and the scope of your survey needs. Our team will meticulously prepare for a detailed survey tailored to your needs.


Step 2:

Receive a Quote
and Schedule

 We offer transparent, competitive quotes and schedule the survey to suit your timeline, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Step 3:

Experience Satisfying Surveying

Our surveyors employ the latest technology and techniques to deliver a Plat of Survey that meets regulatory standards and provides a clear picture of your property’s layout and legal boundaries.

LandTech came to the rescue for me and my family, they were able to fit us in on a really tight schedule and got it all done on a tight time line. Thank you Landtech.

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