Land Tech Surveying, LLC, just recently finished an Elevation Certificate for a land owner in Pewaukee, Wisconsin in  Waukesha County. The owner was in the process of refinancing their home and were required to purchase flood insurance for the first time.    Unfortunately for the home owner, the lowest adjacent grade of the house was just below the base flood elevation computed by FEMA.  The Elevation Certificate can now be used to properly rate the property for flood insurance.

FEMA came out with new flood maps in 2008 for most of Southeastern Wisconsin which shows an expanded range of floodways.   This has affected thousands of homeowners, which are now required to purchase flood insurance for the first time or at a higher rate than before. Land Tech completes numerous elevation certificates  year after year, and has helped many land owners either lower their flood insurance or completely rid themselves of having to purchase flood insurance by filing a LOMA with FEMA.  In return, they will save thousands of dollars over the years to come.

Land Tech Surveying, LLC, can help those who feel they are paying for flood insurance unjustly, or would like to have their home rated for flood insurance.  Having been through the process many of times, we understand the frustrations and complexities this process may entail.  Put our experience to the test as we have successfully helped many of our clients save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.  Let Land Tech fill out an Elevation Certificate or a LOMA, and let us handle this difficult process with FEMA to lower your flood insurance.

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