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What is a FEMA Elevation Certificate

A FEMA Elevation Certificate or LOMA (letter of map amendment) is an official document that provides the elevations of specific points of a property in relation to the base flood elevation (BFE). The certificate is used by insurance companies to determine flood insurance premiums and is often required in areas with high flood risks.

It’s used by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to certify building elevations, which can also be a decisive factor for property owners considering improvements or modifications in flood-prone areas.

Obtaining a FEMA Elevation Certificate may involve a detailed survey by a licensed professional who records various elevation points of the building and property. This data is critical for assessing a property’s flood risk and adherence to community floodplain management ordinances.

It is an essential step in securing reasonable insurance rates. A FEMA Elevation Certificate can also assist in the planning and permitting process for new construction or renovation in designated flood zones.

Field Survey

Who Uses a FEMA Elevation Certificate

FEMA Elevation Certificates are primarily used by homeowners, real estate agents, insurance agents, and lenders.

Homeowners in flood-prone areas need these certificates to obtain flood insurance or to contest high flood insurance rates.

Real estate agents require them when listing properties, to provide potential buyers with accurate information regarding flood risk and insurance requirements.

Insurance agents use the certificates to calculate appropriate flood insurance premiums, while lenders need them to ensure that properties in flood zones have adequate insurance before approving loans.

Additionally, builders and developers use these certificates when constructing or modifying structures in flood zones to comply with local floodplain management laws and to ensure that their projects meet the necessary elevation standards.

How Our Process Works

Securing Accurate Elevations with Professional Certificates

LandTech Surveying’s FEMA Elevation Certificate services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of flood insurance with ease and accuracy. Our certified surveyors provide detailed elevation data, giving you the confidence to protect your property effectively.

Step 1:

Submit Your Surveying Request

Tell us about your property, and our licensed surveyors will evaluate your needs for a FEMA Elevation Certificate.


Step 2:

Receive a Quote
and Schedule

We offer transparent pricing and will coordinate with you to conduct the elevation survey at your convenience.

Step 3:

Experience Satisfying Surveying

Our surveyors complete the elevation survey with precision, delivering your FEMA Elevation Certificate to assist with insurance, compliance, and peace of mind.

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