An ENVIRONMENTAL SURVEY can show the impact of potential environmental factors on real estate and construction developments and the impact that those real estate and construction developments can have on the environment.  Land can be contaminated if it is on or near a parcel of land that was or is still being used for the purpose of waste disposal.  Both during and after construction, the survey can be useful for informing risk management strategies.  For the owner or future buyer, environmental issues can have a huge impact on value of the property.

LandTech assists environmentalist and engineers with the mapping of buried hazardous waste tanks, waste disposal sites, monitoring wells, wetlands, floodplains, environmental corridors, and other environmental concerns.

Wetlands have always been important to our surrounding environment but have become especially important in the state of Wisconsin in recent years with the spreading of developments.  A wetland delineation must be conducted by a wetland scientist.  To delineate the wetlands, a wetland scientist will use flagging tape or flags to mark the boundary line.  This boundary line is then located by the land surveyor and plotted on a boundary survey or site plan.  Should a proposed development impact any wetland area, a permit may be needed from federal, state, or local authorities.  Land Tech has completed numerous projects that include the surveying and mapping of wetlands and wetland areas.