If you own land, there is a good chance that you may find yourself in need of a land survey done by one of our licensed professional land surveyors at LandTech.  Some of the common situations where a land survey is recommended and/or possibly required include:

  • Purchasing Land It’s always a good idea to have land surveyed before a land purchase is made. It shows where property lines fall and give a verification of the property’s acreage.
  • Selling Land- Having a property surveyed provides buyers with a higher level of confidence in the property and gives perspective buyers the information needed to make a decision to purchase.
  • Dividing Land- If you own a large plot of land and want to divide it into smaller parcels or lots, a survey will be required to make sure your land is divided in accordance with local zoning laws and regulations.
  • Making Improvements-  County and/or city laws will require a land survey to be performed before you can add any improvements, such as additional structures, fences, or ditch work done on a property.
  • New Construction- New construction requires a land survey to ensure the building is done with in the proper lot lines. Construction surveying or staking, is to take a proposed construction plan set on paper, and physically represent the plan onto the existing site.
  • As-Built Survey- An As-Built Survey is done when a construction project is completed, showing all existing conditions along with major changes in relation to the completed project, showing that indeed, the project has been built by the contractor the way that the engineer’s design specified it to be built.
  • Conflict Resolution- If there is a conflict between neighboring property’s lot lines it is wise to obtain a survey done by a licensed professional land surveyor.   example: conflict over who owns and maintains a fence on a lot line.
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate- Is used by insurance agents for the purpose of quoting your property for a flood insurance rate. An Elevation Certificate is also used to support a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), which can remove your requirements to have flood insurance for your property.


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