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Our Certified Survey Map services, your guide to proper property division and Navigating the minor land division process.

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What is a Certified Survey Map

A Certified Survey Map (CSM) is a specialized service offered by professional surveyors to accurately depict the division of land into 4 or less parcels. It’s an official map that is often used for the subdivision of land into lots for sale or development, easement creation, or property consolidation. These maps are prepared in accordance with local ordinances and state statutes, ensuring that all legal standards are met. A CSM typically includes detailed information on lot dimensions, road access, public rights-of-way, and any easements or restrictions on the property.

This service is for property owners looking to develop, sell, or alter their land boundaries. It provides a clear, legal delineation of lot lines and helps in the planning and approval process with local municipalities. Our well-prepared CSM can streamline the land division process, providing a reliable document that stands as a legal representation of property dimensions and attributes. It also serves as an essential tool for future land transactions, developments, or disputes.

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Who Uses a Certified Survey Map

Certified Survey Maps are essential tools for landowners, developers, municipalities, and legal professionals. They are frequently utilized by landowners who are looking to subdivide their land for sale or development. Developers rely on CSMs for detailed information necessary for planning residential communities, commercial spaces, or industrial sites. These maps are instrumental in meeting zoning requirements, obtaining approvals, and facilitating smooth transactions.

Municipalities and public planners also use CSMs when assessing property changes, planning infrastructure, or updating cadasters. Legal professionals often require CSMs during real estate transactions to clarify property details, resolve disputes, or to support documentation during conveyancing.

Essentially, anyone involved in altering property boundaries, ensuring compliance with local land use regulations, or handling property transactions can benefit from the creation and use of a Certified Survey Map.

How Our Process Works

Your Path to Precision with Certified Survey Maps

LandTech Surveying blends our 45 years of experience with industry standard techniques to provide you with detailed map that will meet our clients and aproving authority requirements in a timely manner.

Step 1:

Submit Your Surveying Request

Describe your land division goals to us, and our team will assess your needs against regulatory standards to prepare for your land division.


Step 2:

Receive a Quote
and Schedule

After a thorough evaluation, we’ll present a clear quote and coordinate with you to arrange surveying activities and submittals to complete the survey.

Step 3:

Experience Satisfying Surveying

Our field crews and mapping technicians carry out the survey meticulously, creating in a Certified Survey Map that meets all regulatory criteria that best supports your land division goals.

LandTech came to the rescue for me and my family, they were able to fit us in on a really tight schedule and got it all done on a tight time line. Thank you Landtech.

Kurtis Schaefer

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