A CERTIFIED SURVEY MAP (CSM) is a recordable document that can split a parcel into 4 separate lots or outlots.  A CSM is also used to reconfigure existing parcels of land.  The client’s first step in any land division is to contact the local municipality or County Planning Department to set up a date for a preliminary consultation. This consultation is used to promote a better understanding of the landowners intentions and County regulations. This early contact can also reduce potential delays in the review process by giving both parties a clearer picture of what is required.  LandTech can assist during the preliminary stages by attending meetings and providing maps or plans showing the intentions of the CSM.  Once the preliminary layout is approved, LandTech can then complete the necessary field work and CSM drafting for submittal to the planning department for review. If changes or corrections are required in the CSM, then we will make the needed alterations. Following the review, the CSM is taken to the Register of Deeds office for recording. LandTech is very familiar with the County procedures and can provide further information regarding these requirements.  It is very important to remember that this process does take some time, so plan accordingly. Other required permits, such as a building permit, may be delayed until the CSM is recorded. Make sure that enough time is allotted for all the necessary reviews.