The Importance of Surveying a Property Line

Although a land survey may seem tedious and unnecessary when doing some projects, in fact there are many cases in which they become valuable, cost saving tools.  Recently one of our clients found out how important a survey can be.  The client contacted us with concerns about a retaining wall that borders their property.  They stated that the wall is crumbling, and client does not know who is responsible for repairs to the wall.  LandTech was able to help!  A crew went out and completed a boundary survey of the property, and also mapped the points of the retaining wall in question. After all of the information was compiled a map of the property was made showing all of the needed information. This in turn helped decide who was responsible for any new construction or repairs that were needed to happen with the wall.



Menomonee Falls Land Surveyor – Call (262) 367-7599

Land Tech Surveying, LLC recently completed a boundary survey for a client in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. The property consisted of 40 acres being used as a horse farm. The owner is looking to build a horse stable on the property, and needed an updated survey for the permitting process. The survey shows the property lines, existing spot grades, existing contours, and the proposed horse stable with building setbacks.

It is very important to have an accurate and detailed survey done by a Wisconsin registered land surveyor when doing any sort of land development project. The owner can now use this map for planning purposes. They will also have an updated survey showing exactly what they own for their own piece of mind.

If you are looking for a land surveyor in Waukesha County or in Southeastern Wisconsin, give Land Tech Surveying, LLC a call at 262-367-7599. You can also check out our website at or email us at


Flood Elevation Certificate in Wisconsin

Land Tech Surveying and Engineering, LLC, will help those who feel they are paying for flood insurance unjustly, or would like to have their home rated at a lower risk for flooding.  Having been through the process many of times, we understand the frustrations and complexities this process may entail.  Put our experience to the test as we have successfully helped many of our clients save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.  Let Land Tech fill out an Elevation Certificate or a LOMA, and let us handle this difficult process with FEMA to lower your flood insurance.

If you are looking for a land surveyor in Waukesha County or Southeastern Wisconsin, give Land Tech a call at 262-367-7599. You can also check out our website at or email us at


Lot Line Survey in Franklin, Wisconsin

Lot 4 of Whitnall View

If you are looking for a land surveyor in Milwaukee County, look no further.  Land Tech Surveying & Engineering, LLC can take care of all your land surveying needs.  John McAdams of Colonial Quality Printing, wanted to know where his lot lines were because he had a very odd shaped lot.  Land Tech was able to mark all the corners and mark each line in between lot corners so that John was able to see exactly where his lot lines were for Lot 4 of Whitnall View of Franklin, Wisconsin.  Now John will also be able to have a better idea of where to build his dream garage in a couple of years.

If you or someone you know needs land surveying services, call Land Tech at 262-367-7599.  Or check out our website at or email us at

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Land Surveyor Waukesha County

If you are looking for a land surveyor in Waukesha county, Land Tech Surveying is your company of choice.   Just last week Land Tech provided a plat of survey for Bob of Brookfield.  Bob needed a plat of survey showing his lot lines, house, and proposed shed that he wants to build.  The plat of survey will then be turned into the City of Brookfield to get approval for construction of the shed.  Having a survey done can save a lot of hassle down the road.  You dont want to end up building on your neighbors lot, or bring up a possible lot line dispute.

Land Tech also provides ALTA/ACSM surveys, Certified Survey Maps, Topographical surveys and mapping, construction staking, FEMA Elevation certificates, architectural surveys, easement and legal descriptions, environmental surveys and all types of boundary surveys for developers, builders, lenders and government agencies.

Southeastern Wisconsin’s Most Trusted Surveyor

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Land Tech Surveying in Waukesha County: The Time To Get Your Survey is Now

Now is the time to get your land surveyed.  The growth is thin while the trees are bare.  Get that survey done and set in stone before the construction season begins in spring.  That way you will be one step ahead of everyone.  Prices for lots and mortgages are being offered at great rates.  Get that survey done to resolve that boundary dispute.  Besides before you build that house, you will need a plat of survey.  If you need a Certified Survey Map, John Downing, the owner of Land Tech Surveying and Engineering can take care of all your needs.  Do you have a large piece of land that you want to develop?  Call Land Tech and get some consulting.

Are you paying flood insurance on your house, and you stayed high and dry in the great floods of 2007?  Give Land Tech a call and we can take care of your flood insurance problem.  We can do the survey and paper work for an Elevation Certificate that FEMA requires to rid yourself of flood insurance.

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