A BOUNDARY SURVEY is a survey to establish the boundaries of a parcel of land using its legal description.  The survey will also indicate the extent of any easements (such as a utility easement or ingress/egress access easement).  A Boundary Survey shall also report any encroachment either on the surveyed property or onto the neighboring property.  LandTech will perform a Boundary Survey in accordance with the minimum standards set by Wisconsin Administrative Code AE-7.  We will research recorded deeds and records at the proper counties Register of Deeds.  We will then perform field measurements to locate existing monumentation, physical evidence of property lines, or occupation.  LandTech will then analyze all of the field data and record evidence in the office to compute and finalize the boundary of the parcel.  We will then monument any missing lot corners.  LandTech will then prepare a survey map for the client showing the physical features of the property such as the buildings, driveways, and other improvements.