As you can see from her byline her name is Honey Bear, but all her friends call her Bear for short.  She may be the bosses adopted daughter, but she still pulls her weight around here at LandTech Surveying, LLC and she is not afraid to get her paws dirty.  She is the youngest employee at LandTech but the only one that can say that she has worked here for her entire life!

She wears many hats here at LandTech but she has no formal training.  (Unless of course you count her obedience training!)  She starts every morning by checking in with all the employees and their garbage cans.  Moral boosting is very important to her and is something she takes very seriously!  She also tries to keep the postal employees under control that deliver our mail but lately that seems to be a losing battle for her.  She makes sure to greet all the customers, potential customers, and any visitors who walk through our office door with a friendly tail wag and warm greeting.  She sometimes even takes a turn with neighborhood watch duty.  (Our street is very busy, and she helps keep things in line.)   Basically, she keeps this office running smoothly.  It is a hard job, but she has been doing it for so long, she can do it with her eyes closed.  Just don’t tell the boss (her dad, John), she sometimes falls asleep on the job!  That must be okay though because instead of a desk like everyone else, she has a comfy bed.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her adopted parents, her 3 brothers (humans) and 1 Sister (dog), the various barn cats and the chickens on her hobby farm.  She enjoys spending time outside and loves going hunting with her dad, John.  She loves UTV rides and is huge fan of rolling around in smelly things.

Next time you are in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi to Bear and the rest of the team here at LandTech Surveying, LLC.  And please remember, we are here for all your surveying needs!