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My dad always drove a Ford and Uncle Louie drove a Cadillac. What is the best secure way to send a watch? Thank you for providing great service at a fair price. Please. Mark has serviced three of my Rolexes. Giving Back Through Giving Time Auctions . Rolex Datejust Aftermarket Yellow Gold 1.35 ct Diamond Bezel... $ 1,100. mark. I have an Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50. Both came back working great. It is something I inherited when my uncle died. My answer to this question is why are other repair shops and the factory so overpriced? on back of watch 6213797 Then, open the case, remove the movement and completely disassemble the watch case. Stem repair complete and watch hasn’t missed a beat in a year. My watch looked & ran as new again. Frankly I am not in that league hence my reason for searching the net for a more reasonable solution. Professional dealer. Rolex Submariner Home Restoration Guide (Polish & Scratch Removal) The topic of polishing watches is something that splits opinions. What could be wrong with it? The very best to you and yours. Two weeks earlier, Sotheby’s sold the very same reference but with a shimmering gold case that, on the surface, looked like it was in better condition. Thanks, Mark. It is worn…a 16-78678 on the back. Each came back running like new. 78350 Could you please give me some idea of the cost to do this? I just had a customer make the three-hour drive from Pittsburgh to drop off his Rolex for service. Depending on what has happened to a watch and the extent of the resulting damage, some Rolex watches may require extensive repairs and a large number of replacement parts. What do you think it would cost to have you clean and repair to excellent condition? Mark, you do incredible work. In general, professional Rolex watches are more expensive to service than simpler classic watches. The cost of cleaning and oiling a watch is going to depend on the type of watch, geographical location and specialist performing the work. A used Rolex Submariner can vary in price by over $100,000 depending on what features the watch has, materials used, and quality. Great article. Advise. Rolex formulates and produces most of its materials in-house. TIME AND PRESSURE TESTING - Each Rolex is then tested in 5 positions over a period of 48 hours to ensure proper time keeping as well as pressure tested using our Swiss pressure testing machinery down to the watch's rated depth and any adjustments will be made accordingly. Your work speaks for itself. Question: I have a Rolex my mother wore for years. The only thing I opted out of was case polishing. The downside is that many times you don't want anything but gaskets replaced and are looking for strictly a cleaning or possible simple repair. Can you help? Then, ultrasonically clean each part in a batch with solutions created specifically for the task. Some independent watchmakers have a Rolex service price list readily available, that will give you right away the exact amount that you will have to pay for regular service. GMT-Master II. The Rolex watch repair near me, has about 20 different varieties of bands that look good with a Rolex. Send me a quick email and I will send more info. scott j. sykora You sound very knowledgeable and we don’t want to spend more than necessary for the repairs. Long answer is it depends. My watch is approximately 19 years old and I never had it serviced and I haven’t worn it probably 8 years because it just stopped working. My address is Mark Sirianni 25 Fraley St. Kane, PA. 16735 Thanks, Mark. Even though they were not rich men, they loved their cars. In fact, many watch enthusiasts prefer to see the real condition of the watch, with its scuffs, scratches, and marks. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Never been opened, and is in phenomenal condition. I never worried one bit when I sent my older Rolex to him for a much overdue overhaul! Professional dealer. You did the Overhaul on my Rolex, replaced the damaged Crystal; and, the watch looks great! Movies. December 23, 2019 The Best Watches of James Bond | Dr. No to Spectre. I recently bought my wife a Rolex and wanted a really high quality bezel with high grade diamonds, a local Rolex jeweler was afraid to touch it because it didn’t just click on. Excellent story and nice repair. Rolex Case Polishing Nicholas Hacko, Master Watchmaker and Watch dealer Restoring or refinishing a stainless steel watch case is not as difficult as may be thought. Having forgotten to change my Rolex at the weekend I scratched the case and strap rather badly. 4 Surprisingly Simple Exercises To Get Bigger Wrists, Rolex Movements: The Complete Current List (Baselworld 2019 Update), The Ultimate Watch Size Guide: Factors Influencing The Size Of A Watch, detach the bracelet from the case. It costs around $800 to service a Rolex. In checking the accuracy I found it out of tolerance by a small amount. Thank you for any help that you can give me. . You can safely stick to the recommended 10 years interval. If you don’t want your watch to be refinished, don’t forget to tell your service center! Day-Date. Travel. Thank you. Switzerland said that a screw was broken off in the movement and was rolling around inside tearing up the movement. This watch has bracelet sentimental meaning to me. Our Swiss grade Rolex watches are made of 904L steel, that is more costly and complicated to produce because it’s very hard, but it’s worth it since it is more rust and corrosion-resistant than other steels, and hold the polish much better than the 316L steel. Rolex told me that it needed YEARLY cleaning to maintain that spec. A true craftsman can work for different people. Wow, what a great website and great pricing!! However, we do not remove deep scratches. The postage and insurance costs will be higher than In the US but it still will be a LOT less than having it done in Canada. Does a Rolex need to be serviced? Usually he digs into stuff like this and figures it out, but he doesn’t want to risk making it worse. Discounting a number of esoteric materials used specifically in Rolex movements, nearly all Rolex watches are made from just nine materials. Case and case back need replaced and only a Rolex factory can do this.” I found your site on the internet and wondered if this sounds like something you could repair. I have had 3 rolexs serviced by Mark. After he received this quote, he had them return the watch unrepaired and started doing some research on finding a local repair shop that could do the repair a little more reasonably. No aspect of Rolex ownership is as widely debated as the issue of polishing. I noticed you were asked a couple of times about the Rolex parts account I saw no answer I guess that’s a no? Even though Rolex wristwatches are designed to withstand the elements, the 904L steel Rolex utilizes in its cases and bracelets do become slightly dull with use, and a clean bracelet will last longer and not stretch as quickly. Years ago I bought a new submariner because I was a commercial diver. I had them repair it. Oystersteel: As part of the 904L family of steel, Oystersteel can achieve the corrosion resistance and high polish of precious metals. But the piece which has attracted our attention all this while is the Day-Date 40 in platinum revealed in Baselworld 2015. A full service from Rolex will cost $1000+. Thanks Mark for being ‘THE’ Watchdoctor. Lots of customers are firm in their belief that they do better work than a local guy. Rolex S.A respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. Each timepiece is rigorously tested to ensure quality and reliability. Yacht-Master. Would an overhaul fixed the problem? completely disassemble the movement, taking each and every part and component apart. I sent it to Rolex Switzerland for attention with the explanation and complaint about the Rolex NY servicing. Q: Why is Rolex watch repair so expensive? Yes, it does. I slipped on the wet pavement and my wrist hit the sidewalk. © 2020 The Slender Wrist – All Rights Reserved. Unless it was already, and you didn’t ask for a polish. During the service procedure, a certified Rolex watchmaker will: When you send your Rolex watch for a service, you a get 2 years or service guarantee. Dad would go to the Ford garage to have his oil changed and the cost would be $20 (just guessing, this was a long time ago). 1600, blue dial, baton hands, snap case back, stamped 18K 0.750 with a poincon, on an unsigned blue leather strap with a Rolex stainless steel pin buckle, case, dial, movement, crown and clasp signed, accompanied by a Rolex box, booklet and outer card packaging, width 30mm Each movement is completely overhauled and each case and bracelet is meticulously refinished to restore its lustre. How would you charge to replace it? And whilst this article is focused on this particular model, it is applicable to most Rolex […] When my wife’s Datejust needs servicing, I’ll send it to Mark. When you send your Rolex for a service, it goes through an extensive procedure intended to keep it running as if you just bought it. Thank You. I would like to have it cleaned and there are pieces of the braclet missing, ie.. the clasp and a few links. For vintage models, it will mainly depend on how the movement performs. Numerous Rolex reproductions are even, for prepared eyes, practically precise of their genuine partners. I’m hoping you will continue to work on my older Datejust for me. Just be sure to stop at Canada Customs and get the documentation showing that it has been exported. 4292754, circa 1976, manual wind movement, 19 jewels, cal. I know that the crystal and the dial are not authentic. They will only use genuine Rolex replacement parts. Servicing 700+ Rolex annually . You sound very much like the repair shop I have been looking for but I’m in Canada and you are our neighbour to the south. The Slender Wrist also participates in affiliate programs with other sites. Gender. Sign Up For Our Emails. a break down of big business and a small business. I am not sure of its age but I guess it is over 65 years old having been with his wife when she purchased it many years ago. We will have to find him a professional watch repair service that he can take his cherished watch to and get it looked at. The vast majority of Rolex owners report that an US-based RSC will take around 6 weeks to service the watch. I fractured the crystal on my new watch. I am impressed with your write up and customer responses. Those few who have mastered the skill of hand-polishing would rather die then to revel their secret of the trade! 380 S Lake Ave, STE 206, Pasadena, CA 91101 Yes, but only if you tell us to do it. please contact me so we may procedd, I have a Rolex oyster perpetual data with bubble gold plate that I rec as a gift in 1971 never been serviced seem to keep good time, what would be the cost of the overhaul and cleaning and how do I get it to u also how long would it take? Rolex recommends that your service your watch approximately every 10 years. I have a brand new Daytona. Left the conversation very informed and feeling like I had been knowing him for years. Mark did an overhaul on my GMT Master II Coke and it was amazing…. Thanks. Rolex could have handled it in a way that I don’t need to share these facts with every one that I meet that is interested in spending money on Rolex service. Call Now: 1 (888) 807-0325. Rolex Collection . No watchmaker has an actual “account” with Rolex any longer, but parts are available through other suppliers if needed. Although I have a Rolex and other nicer watches I am a Chevy guy not a Caddy guy as you stated in your story. I’ve always thought that Rolex are for people who like to show their wealth (i.e. All estimates and timescales are subject to inspection of the watch. Polish case, band and crystal.-4/+6 official COSC timing test. What is the best and most economical way to send the watch to you for servicing. Rolesor, Everose, and white gold cases will increase the price of maintenance, as the watchmakers will have to take even better care of your precious timepiece. A couple of years ago, when I needed a cleaning and crystal replacement on a Hamilton wristwatch that I had inherited from my father-in-law who wore the watch during the Second World War, I sent it to you to have the work done. Top notch and great communication through the entire process. Explore the current listings in our Rolex watch clearance sale below. I maintained that it was caused by Rolex NY over torquing the screw. Rolex S.A does not gather any information from you without your knowledge and consent, and no personal details are required to access the website. Rolex watches with regular movements include: Rolex watches with more complicated movements include: The most complicated Rolex movements are found in: The model and case of the watch also can play a role in the servicing cost of your Rolex. At the present time, we only offer vintage Rolex repair service and restoration. After my call to his Kane PA shop, I felt more confident as I shipped my watch off for service. What may seem surprising is the fact that this type of restoration cannot be achieved through buffing with a cloth, chemicals, or even handheld rotary tools alone. Correct? The reason why the price varies is that they may have to replace so parts, which is not part of the minimum fee. Bear in mind that if you expect to sell your Rolex down the line, it might be a good idea not to polish your watch. I have the watch for over 17 years and wore it everyday. I’ve since bought a Yachtmaster II and it will be going to Mark when due for service….. Thank you Mark! No customer abuse here, simply an assembly issue. How much does a watch cleaning cost? They also want to replace his perfectly good band for another $500. Rolex watches should be only purchased from Official Rolex Retailers, who are authorized to sell and maintain Rolex watches. All current Rolex watches feature movements that need to be kept wound in order to run. Also do you replace the main spring when servicing? There are some that believe one should never polish a Rolex, and instead let it acquire the natural marks that result from regular wear and use; others prefer their watch to shine and look brand new, despite its age or reference number. Since then, I am a repeat customer of the Watch Doctor without hesitation. Can you fix that and do a cleaning on this watch., if so, how much would ut coat! Don’t know what, if any difference, that makes. conspicuous consumption) whereas IWC are more for true timepiece lovers. Thank you! Joseph, since you are in Canada have a look at Al Archer watches. A Raving Fan . I have a copy of the price quote from the factory for you to look over. Thanks! Prices are very reasonable and done correctly. When I purchased it, it ran 1-3 minutes fast/week and after several adjustments is is now slow. What is the cost to do what is necessary? Also don’t forget that if your watch needs to be sent in Switzerland (because your local Rolex Service Center cannot take care of it, for whatever reason), you’ll have to factor in shipping costs too. Call Sam direct at (800) 494-3708 ext. Hi my submarine stopped working all of a sudden. Rolex band repair After all these steps are completed on the restoration process the band is in factory original condition and looks like new. I have tried manually winding it and put it in an automatic winder, but nothing works. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Greetings Mark, so glad I found you. By following all of these steps, you’ll keep your watch clean while still preserving its high polish. He does a BETTER job than the factory store in NYC, 38 years of being a watch doctor is the answer. Keep Exploring. Uncle Louie would bring his Caddy to the dealer for an oil change and his cost was $40. Although Rolex watches are made to be superior in their resistance to scratching and dulling, they will occasionally display minor scratches on the bracelet but you needn’t believe that can’t be fixed. Mark Sirianni Watch Repair. What is the Rolex service turnaround time? Do Rolex watches stop running? Scratches on Rolex bracelets are often found on the polished center-links of Oyster bracelets or on center-links on two-toned bracelets of the Submariner, Daytona, and Yacht-Master. HIGH QUALITY REPLICA ROLEX WATCHES FOR SALE AT LOW LOW PRICES Rolex Michael Kor's D&G Digital Casio Seiko FREE WORLDWIDE … Please send me mailing instructions for cleaning and repair of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual wrist watch. The local watchmaker here in Boston would charge me around $400 but by sending it to Mark I save about $275.00 and get it done by a man with many years of experience……. An two-tone Rolex and a stainless steel Omega. There are some that believe one should never polish a Rolex, and instead let it acquire the natural marks that result from regular wear and use; others prefer their watch to shine and look brand new, despite its age or reference number. Then they will keep the watch for a few days to make sure it’s performing as intended. Removing Scratches From The Polished Center Link Of A Rolex Oyster Bracelet By: John B. Holbrook, II March 19th, 2006. I took it to a jeweler and had him sell it. How much would this cost and where would I send my watch? Solid 904L stainless steel. Thanks for all your help and advice, so happy to have used your services. 1931 – Rolex creates the world’s first self-winding automatic movement with a perpetual rotor, the Oyster Perpetual, considered the father of the modern automatic movement. reassemble the case and place the movement in it, test the waterproofness of the watch using a vacuum test, a compression test, and a condensation test. I cannot change the day or date of the day date presidential due to the inability to get to stage 2 and sometimes 3 when pulling the stem and Rolex won’t touch it because of the crystal and face. 111. I do think that you’re slightly underprice nevertheless for the Rolex work. Filter search Compare Filters Clear. It's an easy at home restoration. The Watch Buyers Group. I think the self-winding feature is not working. My watch looked like it had been destroyed, after a fall of only a few feet onto the tile floor. Rolex Submariner Ref. The movement components are inspected for wear. The number plate on the bezel ring has been lost and the bracelet is not Rolex. Unfortunately most watchmakers are either not interested in doing it properly or were never taught how to do it. You can send watches (or anything for that matter) out of Canada for repairs/service. Approximately how much would it cost me to repair the watch and replace the face with a simple white Rolex face and Safire crystal? Therefor I believe that for these pricey timepieces, a slightly higher price is justified. /, i would like to have my wifes date just serviced How much does it cost to service a Rolex? readjust the precision of the watch, making sure it’s within Rolex’s accuracy standards of -2/+2 sec/day. Upon return my Rolex looked great. What would be a reasonable estimate you could provide? What more can I say . The 5512 and 5513 models both didn’t have a date window, but all of these old vintage models look super cool. I can’t supply a new dial or band, but movement parts are not a problem.

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