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Da’Bush Spinnerbaits have a spooky, hypnotic effect on big Predators, and they attack the lure with brutal force. This is hugely beneficial to those wishing to try this technique or who are new to angling. As the sinking light of Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure is limited to 0-2 feet, it will be noticed by both surface pikes and large deeper water pikes. Lure Fishing For Pike Search. Northern Pike Facts. The final type of lure we use are surface lures. Best of all, they are among the cheapest lures you can buy, making this a great way to get into lure fishing for pike. There is something prehistoric about pike and the feeling of trepidation when lure fishing is truly awesome. You can’t compare pike with any other predator, it’s in another league. The bait should be straight on the hook with around half of the hook gape exposed. It's designed with added weight in the tail section which forces the lure to sit tail down. River Lure Fishing for Pike : This Instructable will give you tips and hints on how to catch pike in rivers. Forceps/pliers – for the same reasons as above, you don’t want to be putting your fingers into the mouth of pike so these are essential to remove the hooks. This article is aimed at new and experienced anglers to more about lure fishing for pike and will hopefully provide some tips to those familiar with this technique. If you have already done some pike fishing you will have some of the basic tackle required for lure fishing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is useful to understand how your lures will appear to a pike. Despite their appearance, pike are amongst our most delicate of fish and need to be handled for the minimum amount of time possible. The action of reeling in can actually trigger a bite if a pike is nearby. These 8 lures will improve your odds at enjoying some great pike fishing on the North Seal River system and other Canadian waters too . The rush of adrenaline and electricity when you receive a savage bite from a pike is incredible and always brings a huge smile to our faces! This is a perfectly acceptable, tried and tested technique and is ideal if you are just starting out. and allows you to carry on with fishing as quickly as possible. It is also different to other methods we would use in the warmer months for other species. The movements could include speeding up, slowing down, jerking the lure, stopping or twitching. ''Pike have quite similar vision to our own, but when we take into account how water absorbs light then colours can appear very different underwater to how they do above the surface. Roughly speaking, I use 1 gram of weight per foot of water depth. Cover Water. When you have found a suitable location, there are a few ways to maximise your chances of catching pike. Click here for more information on the Westin accessories, hooks, bits and pieces, ___________________________________________________, Fairpoint Outdoors A/SGydevang 4, first floor3450 Allerød - Denmark+45 48 10 38, About us Privacy and cookies#Yeswestinfishing, __________________________________________________, ______________________________________________________________________________, Kayak & Shore fishing with crankbaits around the year, Magic Minnow - an outstanding lure for sea bass. Pike Fishing Lure Nr.2: Jerkbait Continuing with another highly effective hard-bait especially made for pike fishing, I’d like to present the jerk-bait. Also, by trying different places, you are increasing your chance of catching a pike with each cast! This technique works well in the springtime, as pike will study the surface for baby birds and small frogs and will look for opportunities for surface food. These move and react far more naturally in the water than the lures made of soft plastic. If you could only take one lure with you, this would be THE one! Head to the coast and piers and jetties will be frequented by anglers targeting a myriad of different species with their LRF (Light Rock Fishing) gear. It helps if they’re shiny or make a lot of noise. I would … Not only will it cater for all budgets, but the pre-rigged floats are optimised for pike so they will be balanced and will move in the correct way in the water. The second rod we use is a heavier rod fitted with a larger spinning or lure reel with 40lb braid. You need to remember that you are presenting your lure in an area where you hope the pike will be, and that you are presenting it in a way that the pike will take it. Lure fishing for pike is one of the most exciting ways to fish. THE HUNT IS ON! Pike have quite similar vision to our own, but when we take into account how water absorbs light then colours can appear very different underwater to how they do above the surface. Lure fishing is exploding in the UK at the moment, with many anglers discovering the joys of casting artificial baits for a whole range of predatory fish. Whilst you can buy many soft lures ready-rigged, and this is a great way to start out with them, the chances are sooner or later you are going to want to rig your own. This one’s a bit more uncommon than crankbaits, but still really worth the try and will catch big pike almost certainly. Fish Safety Using lures will attract pike, you might even be wanting to catch them. '', The Westin Shadteez in some of Paul Garners favourite colours for pike. This can be incredibly exciting as pike will generally leave their shelter and chase the surface lures so will snatch them with ferocity. We are the leading supplier of predator and pike fishing tackle, whether you are lure fishing, dead-baiting or drop-shotting you will find what you need here. The seasons have an influence on your fishing technique. It sounds odd, but after you have casted many times without getting any interest, be prepared to be surprised as when a bite does come it can be much bigger than you were expecting! 2. To keep the lure working in the right depth zone use 1-gram of weight per foot of depth. The stinger hook should sit just behind the belly of the lure. Da’bush spinnerbaits are perfect to fish through weed beds, snags and submerged lily pads. Position the jig head alongside the bait and judge where the hook will exit the bait. Make sure that the hook goes straight into the bait as it goes in. Also, lure fishing for pike using artificial baits is the better method to adopt to locate the pike too because lure fishing, by its very nature, covers more water and therefore there’s more chance of your bait passing a hungry pike at some point as it’s being worked around the lake, river or canal. A really useful skill to practice is counting the lure down until it hits the bottom, which you can feel as a bump. All Rights Reserved. Lure fishing for pike is one of the most exciting ways to fish. Some lures have different properties such as suspending divers which will sink to a certain water level but will dive when retrieved. You can find pike in very secluded locations which can be surprising when you find them. Larger pike are extremely powerful and even the small pike (or “jacks”) can be very good fighting fish. If you find that the wind is blowing in a particular direction it will blow food over to one side of the water which attracts smaller fish. Pike Fishing Techniques. The feel of a large predator taking your lure is a feeling that really can’t be beaten! Number 1. Please tell me how they work for you, any problems you have or other questions about it. This will allow you to seal any cuts you receive (which don’t worry is rare!) I very rarely use ‘warm’ colours, like orange and red, even though these are the ones that are most appealing to us. Search This Blog Posts. This is one of the ways of fishing which really puts you in touch with the fish you are catching. Lure fishing is the perfect method for locating these holding areas. The most important feature in pike fishing lure colours is that it has the shade of what you want it to represent. STRIKE PRO PIG SHAD. Whichever method you use, it is a good idea to stay mobile. Larger lures generally means larger fish, however pike are greedy so you could catch larger specimens on the smaller lures too. This is not only cheaper, but enables you to adjust the weight and hook position to suit the conditions. The Chasing Monsters team has narrowed it down to the best 4 lures that are essential for pike fishing, no matter what season it is! We would recommend taking two rods if you are making a day of lure fishing for pike. Go for lures in the 6-inch / 16cm range as these will be easy to cast and will catch pike of all sizes. Aggressive takes, power lunges, tail walking and menacing follows are a few of the heart-stopping scenarios that you can expect from lure fishing for these freshwater predators. When pike fishing, focus on shallower, weedy areas like bays and flats. Although fishing for pike is generally a winter sport (the pike “season” generally ran from 1 October to 14 March), pike are actually active in the summer months too. Topwater lures like the Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper are ideal for enticing active pike to perform dramatic surface strikes. We love lure fishing for this predator in the colder months as it’s a more active way of fishing. Large pike do not have to feed very often and spend most of their time laid-up in wait for a passing meal. The hooks are further back on this lure so you shouldn’t get snagged. The heavier rod is used for the larger lures which measure between 11 and 20 inches. How to tie a wire trace for pike fishing Dead bait rigs for river pike fishing Float paternoster dead bait pike rig. Required fields are marked *. Again, the rubber lures come in different shapes, sizes and will mimic different species. Despite their appearance, pike are amongst our most delicate of fish and need to be handled for the minimum amount of time possible. Grinding – this technique involves using a deep diving floating plug which you cast and allow to drop and hit the bottom. Lures come in all shapes, sizes and materials. These may seem a little excessive but there’s method in the … Start to reel in and you would be surprised that pike will then take the lure. Once you have learnt how to use these then swap over to rigging your own so fine-tune your presentation. Now some of you might have heard of or seen debates about whether to use a wire trace or a fluorocarbon trace. Try to mix up the depth that you are fishing at. Pike generally move upwards in summer so you should get good takes this way. 40lb pike are not only taking dead baits, big pike lure are catching monster pike. Affiliate links . CLICK HERE > 2019 Reservations Availability. The Pig Shad is a soft-plastic shad that is inspired by the classic jerkbait – The Pig. If the water is more coloured then swap to a dark bronze, gold or brown colour. Instead of reeling in smoothly you can “trigger” a bite by doing various movements with the lure. The benefit of the soft plastic style lures are that they are cheaper and they can be sold pre-rigged. Because they are so aggressive, if there are pike around it shouldn’t take you long to find out. Take red, for example, this is a colour that looks great to us, but even a few feet below the surface it is transformed into a dark grey. The surrounding nature is usually incredible and the fish itself is just incomparable. On my local canal you are now likely to find just as many anglers drop-shotting for perch as you are fishing the pole. In this article, we will be giving you an insight into the hottest pike lures of 2020 and what has made them so successful. Again, it’s all about increasing your chances and getting the pike to take your lure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This might seem like a counter-productive technique but it really works. Bolt croppers – these are useful for cutting the hooks in the mouth if necessary. If you have plumbed the depth of the water you can judge the depth of your lure effectively. Push the hook point into the centre of the front of the bait. This is a beginners guide and you are starting out from scratch. Dead stick – this is a technique for floating lures. If you are fishing in winter keeping active is perfect as it keeps you warm. If you are adding a stinger attach it either to the top eye of the jig head or on a purpose designed eye on the bottom. In winter it is good to do the reverse, by starting on the bottom and working up. Related. Westin softluresFrom left: Monsterteez, Shadteez, Ricky the roach & Hypoteez ST. View all. Lure fishing for Pike By Dr. Paul Garner. Use colours that create a strong outline in the water and you will be on the right track. On my local canal you are now likely to find just as many anglers drop-shotting for perch as you are fishing the pole. When they’re not on the hook, pike are sluggish fish that like to hide out in cover and ambush their prey as it swims by. Offer the pike an easy meal and it will rarely be able to resist it. The correct size of jig hook is essential, a good rule is to use a 6/0 in a 6-inch bait, a 5/0 in a 5-inch, and so on. All these lures have been tested and verified by Cyril during various fishing trips with great success… 1- The Swimbait . The idea behind this technique is that the sound and disturbance of hitting the bottom will provoke inactive pike into taking the lure. The use of rods and lures isn’t a hard and fast rule, as this also depends on the weight of the lures, with the lighter lures better suited to the lighter rod, and the heavier lures to the heavier rod. Common Names: Great northern pike, lake pikes, snot rocket, slimer, slough snake, northern gator, and slough shark. Most pike will approach a lure from behind and below, so it is this part of the bait that they will see first, pay particular attention to the colour of this part of the lure. An excellent starting point for a beginner to fishing for pike with lures would be a rod having a length of around 8ft and a casting weight of around 15-40g as that will provide sufficient power to cast most general-purpose lures and also have enough power to stop and control a bigger pike (should you be lucky enough hook one). As the lures can vary so much in size and type, it is a good idea to take a couple of different setups when you go fishing which will enable you to fish with more types of lure. We wouldn’t suggest only taking one type of lure when you go fishing as you really need to change a few times to see what is attracting the fish. The best ice fishing lures for pike fall into 3 main categories: Spoons; Darters (jigging swimbaits) Blade baits Keep in mind that you can only fish vertically when you’re ice fishing, so you need to use baits that work well when jigged up and down.

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